Thursday, July 23, 2015


My summer has been pretty consistent so far since I have been in the city. Wake up, go to work from 9-5 and then spend the evening either resting from the long day or every so often spending time with friends from school that live in the city. One of my goals this summer was to connect with bands that are from nyc and go to as many local shows as I can. In June I went to 7 shows: two at Color Me Bushwick, two at Northside Festival, a Current Joys show, a day of Pizza Fest set up by King Pizza Records, and a 90s japanese girl rock group Shonen Knife. Now that its getting to the second half July and nearing the end, I'm still pushing to go to as many and am trying to carry this consistency of local show going into the school year. In July so far I have been to 4: another Current Joys show, The Bird and Bee, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Neon Trees. So hopefully these connections that I was making online I can continue through the rest of the summer. Here are some of my pictures from the past two months:

Mike of The Nuclears

Pat of Honduras
Alex of Diet Cig

Jason of Lazyeyes
Crazy Pills
Nick of Current Joys
I've really enjoyed my experience so far in immersing myself into the Brooklyn music scene. There are so many local bands and so many little venues that are always having bands play. And the amount of summer music festivals are great too. Attending as many local shows as I can is really pushing my photography.