Friday, June 5, 2015

New York: 2 weeks complete

It's been about 2 weeks since I have been residing in the big apple. I'm currently staying in a NYU dorm, so I'm right near by Greenwich Village, East Village, Union Square and the whole NYU campus. Actually I am in the perfect place for everything. I'm 10 minutes from work, and since work is right on 6th street, all the shopping is right there too. And if I want to hop over the East River, the L is 4 blocks away so that I can head right over to Brooklyn. 

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Last week I got to see an old friend from high school. She was visiting her roommate from college, who lives in the suburbs. I joined in on their adventures of midtown, the upper east side, and the upper west side. We got to deal with rain and traffic, but at the end of the second day we hung out at Lincoln Center for a bit and watched the fountain and all the attendees of the ballet. 

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This past week has been my first week of work at Hook and Loop. Hook and Loop is the in house creative think tank for software company Infor. I remember my uncle telling me that this company was doing big things and they were at the top of their market, I sort of just agreed with him, not knowing any better. But after this past week I'm blown away by how powerful the things that are being made here are. The ideas that float around this office (that's freaking cool) are some super bright ones and I am so glad I am part of this community now. 

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Here's a view from the lobby of Hook & Loop's office. We were filming executive messages in the lobby the other day, and I snapped a picture.

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